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The QSI SuperBundle - Templates + Additional Training

Regular Price $627 – Just $247 today!

Understanding Quantum Stack Investing is powerful. But doing it is where the real magic happens. Our QSI SuperBundle provides you everything you need to quickly implement, at a fraction of the cost of putting the strategy in place on your own. You’d pay more to recreate just one of the tools in this program. We have made it easy to put this concept in motion.

  • A Great Deal – Sold Individually, The QSI  SuperBundle would cost $627. You can purchase it today for a special price of just $247. That’s over 60% off! This is the only place we sell this bundle for this price.
  • Practical Templates – Includes “The Works” Templates & Checklist Documents. You will find editable documents including Blind Ads, Confidential Business Review, and Asset Purchase Agreements (to name only a few!). This costs less than buying generic “legal templates” online—and ours are designed with QSI in mind! Incredible checklists improve your probability of success. We have spent two decades perfecting these documents related buying and selling businesses. By a long shot, this program’s normal price is worth more than the entire asking price of the entire QSI SuperBundle. (A $245 value.)
  • Get Both Bonuses – Both bonuses from the prior page are also included. This includes “The QSI™ Calculator: Four “Roadmap” Math Models to Multiply an Average Small Business to 8-Figure Wealth  (Excel Spreadsheet + Video Tour) – AND —  A QSI™ Case Study: Look Over Our Shoulder as We Successfully Sell a Business – If you purchased these on a prior page, you can delete them at checkout. We bet you wanted to purchase both of these – and you should! This bundle helps you do just that … and more! (A $154 value.)
  • 7 Day Buyer + Seller Courses – Get access to our 7 Day BuyPrep™ and 7 Day SellPrep™ courses – These are the programs we use to teach business buyers and sellers in the “ins and outs” of the steps to buy or sell a company. Each skill is crucial for the success of QSI—or for any business owner for that matter! Daily videos and workbook exercises from Chad Peterson, the country’s #1 business broker. (Value = $47 each or $94.)

  • Quantum Stack Investing “Big Book” – Our QSI Handbooks goes much deeper into the process of buying and selling companies and a more textbook treatment of the QSI concept. At over 450 pages, this book takes the philosophies around QSI–and QSI Management—to another level of depth. Its like getting a master’s degree in QSI! ($47 Value)

  • QSI MindMaps – A series of over 20 different MindMaps visually explaining the entire QSI philosophy. Visual learners will love the presentation of the QSI concepts in this manner which helps organize the concepts and understand complex concepts with quick views. And incredible study aid. Imagine the world’s best “study notes” on QSI. (A $97 value.)
The QSI™ Shift

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Take your time and go through The QSI SuperBundle, use the financial models, templates, checklists, and training to develop you’re your own QSI strategy.

In fact, take a full year to learn, absorb, and apply the techniques and tools in The QSI SuperBundle. And at the end of a year if, for whatever reason, you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, then we’ll give you a full, 100% money-back refund, no questions asked. Simply email us and it will be done. It doesn’t get any safer than that!

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