Our new book reveals how to multiply your income, sell your business faster, and defend against risk with a simple shift in mindset.

“It’s the most amazing wealth hack I’ve ever seen for entrepreneurs!”

That’s how a customer recently described our approach to helping clients succeed.

It’s a short and cool way to describe it. But as the guy who created the framework, I know what we do is so much more than just a “hack.”

At the core, it’s a different business management philosophy for closely-held businesses. But the word “hack” gets the point across:

It’s easy for nearly any business owner to do & you get a lot back in return.

But the path to get there is quite different than traditional approaches to owning and running a business.

Like me, you’re a busy business person, so here are some speedy things I need you to understand about our philosophy:

  • It works – I’ve successfully used key parts of it for 24 years
  • It is counterintuitive – and may even seem strange at first
  • It can be done in any industry with almost all businesses (We’ve seen it done in industries as broad as construction to service to marketing to retail, and everything in between—from very common to very unique.)
  • It is based on financial concepts – and embraces “behind the scenes” banking rules
  • It creates a mathematical edge (like casinos have) and an “almost unfair” advantage
  • It can drastically shorten your time to exit (if that is what you seek)
  • It can increase your income and wealth; though they see the immense potential in front of them, most entrepreneurs are over-worked and under-rewarded (and this can be torture!)
  • And unlike different high-risk strategies to increase rewards, our approach actually DECREASES business risks. (Chapter ten in our book highlights 14 different ways to do this!)

The marketing guys told me I needed to write a 10-page letter and record a 20-minute video to insert here before cutting to the chase.

But you don’t have time for that. And neither do I.

So here’s the deal: You can buy an electronic copy of The QSI™ Shift – my new book explaining the concept—below for only $4.99. You will understand how it works after reading the first 13-page chapter. It’s a quick read, but we pack a lot into its 204 pages.

And don’t be skeptical; there is a reason for the “stupid low” price.  I explain that later in this letter.

Simply, the book describes the shift of moving from the mindset of a traditional business owner or entrepreneur to that of a QSI Investor instead. (The old way of starting or buying a business then running it for decades until you collapse from exhaustion is too risky, too hard, and too time-consuming.)

If you hate reading, we also include the full MP3 audiobook so you can listen to it in your car or at the gym. That’s how I prefer to learn. The run time is about five and a half hours.

There are some other cool free bonuses. And everything has a full 365-day money-back guarantee. Frankly, I think you’re bonkers if you don’t at least look into this.


If you ever plan to buy, sell, own, or manage a business, you  simply must know about this alternative approach.

Because, sadly, the old model of running a business is broken.  Let’s share some statistics here.

There are approximately 15 million self-employed Americans. Of those, 6.1 million are employer firms.

The average salary for the self-employed is only $63,000, which according to my friend Google, is comparable to the average school teacher.

Yet, more millionaires are created in this area than in any other profession. How is it that something so lucrative for so many has such a low average income?

Based on the laws of math and averages, it means for every person making $200K or $500K or more per year (and there are a whole lot of them), that many more are making SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than $63K per year.

For the risk and hard work, it is not enough reward. In fact, those business owners making under the average are an unspoken tragedy.

Most business people—even very successful ones—have no clue about how to generate wealth with their companies.  And they are grossly under-utilizing the one asset they have invested so much into: their company.

So they grind it out, hoping that some combination of doing the right thing, taking care of employees and customers, increasing sales, and keeping costs in line while persisting (sometimes for decades) will eventually take them to the promised land.

For a few, it does. Enough to keep it interesting and the masses still striving. But for many, it ends up being a very difficult job with a lot of risk and stress. One that pays less than if you did the same tasks working for someone else.

What’s worse…  even if your business is generating fantastic income/cashflow today, you likely have an extremely rude awakening coming down the pipe that is deeply baked into the essential core of our current economic system:

When you go to sell it, your business will not be worth as much as you think.

I’m not speculating here. I see it every damn day. Every. Single. One.

Because, very often, I have to be the bearer of some pretty devastating news.

And I hate it.

I also know exactly why it happens. And exactly how it can be prevented.

You know an incredible amount about running your business (like a crazy, massive amount!) But let’s be honest: 99% of business owners have absolutely no clue about how they will exit or what to do about it.

How do I know all this? And who the hell am I?

Because for the last 20 years, I have successfully been … a top business broker. My name is Chad Peterson, and I am pleased to meet you.

Now don’t panic. I’m not writing you today to try to arm-twist you into selling your business tomorrow. Even if you hate brokers (and by the way, I agree with you …. most of them are TERRIBLE), I hope you will continue to hear me out.

No, today, I want to talk with you about your wealth. Because my role as a business broker gives me a front-row seat to how this process ultimately unfolds.

The QSI™ Shift

I want to show you some steps you must take NOW to improve your results in the FUTURE. (And for the love of Pete, please do not wait to get serious about this until right before you want to—or have to—exit. I cannot tell you how common this costly mistake is!)

You see, I’m not always the bearer of bad news. I’m also incredibly good (like the best in the country) at helping people successfully sell their businesses, put millions in their pockets, and finish their careers on the highest note.

The problem is this is more the exception than the rule.

Over 20 years of studying who wins and who loses, I’ve learned a few things, made a few observations, and picked up some ideas to share.

No forget that. The last paragraph is too modest and plays too “small” in describing the magnitude of these insights. You deserve for me to shoot you straight…

Over the years, I know exactly what people do to generate wealth in owning closely held businesses. Most are doing it wrong, and this can be avoided. Our approach is unique, and virtually no business owners know about it!

It is NOT taught in business schools or popular seminars. It’s not in Inc. magazine, featured in a keynote at the latest hipster, entrepreneurship conference, or on the shelves at Barnes & Noble!

Trust me. You want to know what I’ve learned and organized. Pick up the book, and if it sucks, then we will send back all your money. (But don’t worry, I promise you, it’s more than worthwhile!)

Enter QSI: The most unconventional—yet efficient—method  we know about to maximize business wealth.

I’ve boiled all these career recapping insights into a system called Quantum Stack Investing™.

It’s a different methodology that runs completely counter to traditional entrepreneurship. Shifting from the mindset of typical business owner over to a QSI investor is massive, but implementing it is much easier than you might think.

It’s more about embracing an alternate strategy, mentality, and algorithm than it is about spending more time or money.

It started with me. I did it once, very early in my career. Then I did it again. And again. Each time it worked better. (Frankly, I  consider myself more a serial entrepreneur than a business broker.)

I showed clients how to do it, and it worked for them too.  But the “brainpower” behind the entire system is more than just me.

QSI leans heavily on lending practices that you would only know if you had “behind the scenes” access.

Two other people contributed to helping me fully organize the Quantum Stack Investing™ methodology and helped me write my book, The QSI™ Shift.

One is Lee, a former commercial banker. This guy has done more SBA loans than about anyone on the planet. He uses this “insider knowledge” to put together some of the most creative, “transaction-friendly,” business financing deals (even for little guys) that you will ever see. His insights into QSI come from a unique perspective that most business owners will never see.

Curt is the third author. He is a business owner, consultant, and one of the most detailed “numbers guys” I know. (Like, seriously, he is so meticulous!) 

I had seen his insanely complex and thorough financial business analyses. So I begged him to run the QSI concept through his “spreadsheet nerd,” quant-dude modeling processes.

No sales fluff. No hyperbole or rah-rah. Just hardcore numbers. Black and white in a spreadsheet. Accounting and Finance. Only the facts, Jack!

He said he would, but I could see he was a little bit skeptical because QSI seems almost weird at first.

Two days later, I got a call.

“Holy crap, Chad! That concept makes a ton of money!”

Of course, I knew that already because I had done it several times. It had taken me from a “start from nothing” average guy to rapidly growing my income and wealth.  Clients had also won with the strategy. He asked me a few more questions, and when I answered them to his satisfaction, he said this:

“This could completely change the way people invest in and run smaller companies.”

After passing additional stress-testing (with flying colors!), Curt dove head first into helping me formalize the concept—including the mechanics behind exactly how it works—and bring Quantum Stack Investing to business owners in a systematic, repeatable, teachable format.

Curt helped me break QSI™ down like a sophisticated business consultant would. (It even gets a little technical and mathematical, but I made sure we kept it so any average person could read and understand it.)

“This is too important to ignore,” he told me. “I was kind of cynical at first because it is counterintuitive and differs from how we typically do things in the business world.  But this is a much better alternative. We must find a way to teach entrepreneurs about QSI.”

Put simply, this book contains everything we—Lee, Curt, and myself—know about wealth building in the world of closely held businesses consolidated into one short 204-page book.

And for less money than I spend on my daily cigar, you can learn all about it

The QSI™ Shift - Chad Peterson

Get The QSI™ Shift Book + All 4 Valuable Bonuses for Just $4.99

You’ll receive The QSI™ Shift digital book, the 5.5 hour audiobook, an ePub file for your e-reader or tablet, and all the included bonuses.


Here is what some of our clients have to say:


“I was interested to look at Chad’s materials. But as a CPA of 20 years and having been a Corporate Controller in a $400M company and Director of Financial Planning & Analysis for a $750 million dollar company, I figured I was going to see a lot of the same stuff I had already seen on my multiple times around the block.

Boy was I pleasantly surprised! Not only did I see strategies that were completely unique and innovative, but they were presented in a powerful way that any normal business person could grasp and put to use. Chad and his team are on to something here. I know I can learn quite a bit from these guys. I’m looking forward to the journey!” – Martin, Dallas, TX


“There are so many “gurus” pitching business books it makes my head hurt! Luckily, I read Chad’s because I knew him previously from two extremely profitable business deals. I genuinely feel sorry for any business person who passes up on learning about QSI. This is the type of book that won’t let you sleep. The possibilities are so good & unique, they make you sit up a little straighter—no, a LOT straighter—& say, “Let’s do this!” – Jake, MBA, Kansas


“I have read the QSI book several times now and each time I learn something different. I have successfully owned 7 businesses in my career, and my only regret is that I did not learn about QSI 20 years ago!” – Jim, Minnesota


“Chad helped me do QSI long before it even had a name. My career path has been positively altered by this distinctive & lucrative mindset; honestly, it redefined my life! I was a fighter pilot, am fluent in four languages, college-educated, and a vice president at an international company. Even with all of that, before Chad, nobody had ever shown me these wealth building secrets.” – Bob, Missouri


“The dream of retirement was what I sought my entire working career. QSI taught me it’s more about keeping your passion alive & continuing to thrive even after the age of retirement. I’m having more fun than ever!” – Dave, Missouri


“As a businessman with doctorate in hypnotherapy, I know a lot about how the mind works. So do the Peterson business & wealth philosophies, including, and especially, Quantum Stack Investing. The wisdom found in this book is simply brilliant.” – Dr. Ken, PhD, Kansas

QSI Helps You Avoid the Excessive Boredom and Burnout Related to the Relentless Grind of Running a Company

Most sales letters describe the benefits of a program. Instead, I want to go against the grain and  tell you what Quantum Stack Investing helps you stop doing.

  • Being an under-compensated, over-stressed business owner
  • Winging it in business – too many entrepreneurs are just flailing around with no real wealth or exit strategy; truthfully, they are just guessing
  • Waiting decades to learn that your business is not worth as much as you thought, only to find it is too damn late to do anything about it
  • Playing a game without a mathematical edge—or more correctly, playing in a game where the math odds are actually stacked AGAINST you instead of in your favor
  • Busting your ass chasing expensive, risky, never-ending revenue growth strategies that may work—or may frazzle out you and your team
  • Trying to win by creating a 1 in a million model or being the most “disruptive” company in your space (There are only a few Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos spots out there.)

It’s a significant promise, because—unfortunately—many of these things show up in the traditional approaches to running most businesses.  

Quantum Stack Investing over-delivers. And we stand by that.

It’s a Transformative Amount of Information + Business Strategies + Wealth Guidance for a Ridiculously Low, Zero Risk Price.

Here is what’s included with the $4.99 book and its valuable FREE bonuses:

  • eBook copy of The QSI Shift
  • Bonus 1: Audiobook MP3 of The QSI Shift
  • Bonus 2: What’s My Business Worth? A financial calculator (spreadsheet) to help you estimate the real value of your company today
  • Bonus 3: QSI Wealth Modeler: A spreadsheet contrasting QSI Wealth to “Normal Entrepreneur” returns
  • Bonus 4: Author’s Interview: 90 Minute video (and MP3) with myself and my two co-authors, along with our CFO; there are over 100 wealth-building insights

But please don’t take my word for it. Check out the book and these bonuses. They are tremendous!

The QSI™ Shift - Chad Peterson

We designed these bonus courses and workshops to complement what you’ll learn inside The QSI™ Shift book.

Bonus #1:

DIY BizValu™ Estimator: ​

The QSI™ Shift

Bonus #1:

DIY BizValu™ Estimator:

What’s My Business Worth? – Financial Calculator  ($97 value)

Don’t know what your company is worth? You should. Here is an inexpensive (free bonus) way for you to calculate the number on your own and see the variables that determine your exit valuation. This is unbelievably important!

A Smart Seller wants to look at the transaction like a bank will. This tool allows you to do just that.

Much more than a simple spreadsheet, it includes a video explanation that will make even the most “number fearing” people comfortable with assessing the value of their company.

Get This Course + All the Breakdowns at NO COST When You Order a Digital Copy of The QSI™ Shift.

Bonus #2:

The QSI Wealth Modeler

Math Challenge: How a Basic QSI Strategy Obliterates the Traditional Entrepreneurship Approach ($97 value)

To see the multiplying power of QSI™, you really must look at the numbers.

Doing so helps you more deeply connect with how the system works financially – and model what the system can do for you, including playing “what if” games.

It brings a sophistication to business used by every private equity firm, but one rarely used by small businesspeople. We include the math and all the formulas.

Here’s the best part: you don’t need to be a spreadsheet whiz to see how the math works.

My COO, Curt Clinkinbeard, put this tool together.

Not only is the spreadsheet easy to navigate, but he provides a video explanation of each tab in the spreadsheet. It’s like sitting down at Curt’s computer and looking over his shoulder as he gives about an hour’s worth of explanation about the financial model and QSI.

Bonus #2:

The QSI Wealth Modeler

The QSI™ Shift

Get This Course + All the Breakdowns at NO COST When You Order a Digital Copy of The QSI™ Shift.

Bonus #3:

Authors' Interview Video

Chad Peterson - The QSI™ Shift

Bonus #3:

Authors' Interview Video

13 Key Insights for Businesses Owners Considering Selling Their Business the QSI Way ($47 value)

This video is a Zoom call I had with the two other authors of the book and our CFO, a CPA and tax expert.

I mentioned Curt above. He has a marketing and business planning background and over 30 years of experience. He is a consultant and strategist and, honestly, one of the most brilliant business minds I have encountered in my career.

Lee Levinson, our SBA guru, is also on the call. Lee was a Vice President of a few “big player” banks and managed the small business lending departments. He knows banking rules, best practices, and the “ins and outs” of the SBA programs.

Our CFO, Doug Bleam, did not participate in authoring the book, but he did review the math from a CPA / tax advisor’s perspective. Doug hopped on this Zoom meeting to add his insights to the video for our clients’ benefit.

Frankly, the “dollar per hour” of the four people on this video call is well over $1,000 per hour – and we spend over an hour talking through how QSI impacts business owners.

UPDATE: When we started this program, we thought we would record for an hour, edit down to about 25 minutes of usable content, and highlight 13 insights.

We recorded for 90 minutes and couldn’t find anything we wanted to edit out. So we kept it all. And when we totaled up the insights, there were 97! There is lots of value in this bonus!

We also include the mp3 of this fast-paced call so you can listen on the go, but the video does an awesome job of recapping the top, wealth-building insights!

Bonus #4:

The QSI™ Shift Audiobook

MP3 Recording of this eBook ($17 value)

The 5.5 Hour Audiobook Is Included When You Order Your Copy of The QSI™ Shift.

Get the Audiobook and Listen to The QSI™ Shift on Any Device…

Included at NO COST with your order.

Bonus #4:

The QSI™ Shift Audiobook

Chad Peterson - The QSI™ Shift

The QSI™ Shift is just $4.99, and you’ll get an immediate digital download plus all 4 of the bonuses listed above at no additional cost.

Order your digital copy today and get the exact method we’ve used with our clients to consistently add income, wealth, and satisfaction from owning a business.

There’s No Catch. Here’s Why We Are Doing This.

You’re probably smart enough to know it costs more than $4.99 to reach out to you on these advertising platforms. So the book’s price does not come even close to recapturing our costs. 

So, is this smoke and mirrors?

No, again, we are happy to shoot you completely straight.

The $4.99 package above provides a ton of value. We could easily sell it for 20X the price or more. You will know exactly what QSI does and how it works just from studying the base book. It’s a massive amount of value.

To be frank, I would just give you this book (The QSI™ Shift) for free. But if I did that, I know one thing is almost certain: you probably wouldn’t read it. And that would do you an enormous disservice.

If you buy it—even if for only chicken feed—there’s a better chance you will give it some of the serious attention it deserves.

To help defray the advertising costs, we offer you several other optional add-on products in the upcoming pages if you want to learn more. The value of these programs is incredible, and if you are ever going to do QSI or even consider it, then the investment/value is something of a “no-brainer.”

But, honestly, they are not required. Buy them if you like, but if not, please at least take the time to learn about the powerful, unique concepts in the The QSI Shift book. They’re too important to miss.

Even with all that, we are still not making any money. So obviously, that is not our final goal.

Quantum Stack Investing™ is a game changer. You will understand and can do it on your own just by reading the $4.99 book.

However, we are experts at the process and offer high-end, expert support services around the concept—things I have been successfully doing for clients for over 20 years. Our team is simply incredible at what we do.

We made the book “stupid cheap,” so you have every reason to learn about QSI—and absolutely no reason not to.

This helps you see if it’s right for you. The educational value of the book is insane. It is 100% teaching, not a glorified brochure.

If QSI catches your interest, we will have opened your mind to a system that can make you a ton of money. Down the road, some percentage who read the book will be drawn to our various services—ones that make our clients even more money and their lives that much easier. It’s those services where we make our money.

 At that point, our clients happily pay us (pretty handsomely) for what we do. Our services are very much of the “we only win when our clients make much more money” variety.

So no shenanigans, just a way for us to reach a lot of business owners with our concept, teach them, and weed through the masses to get to those who become fired up and may want to work with us.

We hope that is you, but if not, read the book and go kick ass—with our without my team

The QSI™ Shift - Chad Peterson

Get The QSI Shift™ Book + All 4 Valuable Bonuses for

Just $4.99

Get Everything Above Today for

Just $4.99

You’ll receive The QSI™ Shift digital book, the 5.5 hour audiobook, a MOBI file for your e-reader or tablet, and all included bonuses.

No Questions Asked

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s My Promise...

The QSI Shift will show you everything I’ve told you about on this page – and more!

Inside, you’ll discover exactly how we turn traditional entrepreneurs into QSI wealth-building machines.

You’ll get a behind-the-curtain look at how we make QSI work at scale and the process we use to quickly move business owners into the next phase of QSI. I’ll give you all the data, details, and more; we hold nothing back.

You’ll read or listen to The QSI Shift and follow along in the included bonus courses, workshops, and training materials…

I guarantee you’ll discover new insights you haven’t thought about, perspectives that can help your business grow, and take-away examples you can immediately use to increase your business’s income and sales price.

And if you’re not satisfied for ANY reason…

… just let my team know with a quick email to, and we’ll send you a refund for your book purchase.

The QSI™ Shift

This Is a One-Year Guarantee

That means you have 365 days to review the book and all the bonuses before deciding if you find them valuable.

What you see on this page is what you’ll discover inside the book.

I guarantee you’ll find it incredibly valuable.

If you’re not satisfied with the book for any reason, let us know so I can send you a refund. We offer a 365-day money-back guarantee.

The QSI™ Shift - Chad Peterson

Get The QSI Shift™ Book + All 4 Valuable Bonuses for

Just $4.99

Get Everything Above Today for

Just $4.99

You’ll receive The QSI™ Shift digital book, the 5.5 hour audiobook, a MOBI file for your e-reader or tablet, and all included bonuses.

Chad Peterson - The QSI™ Shift

Chad Peterson
I Help Business Owners Grow their Wealth

Thanks for taking the time to read this far.

I’ve worked with entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and businesses that serve others since 2000.

I started using QSI™ to help them achieve results not possible with simple buying and selling strategies. Frankly, I saw the pain people were experiencing from businesses they wanted to exit but did not feel they could. At least not yet.

That transition allowed me to rapidly scale my business brokerage and shift how I helped my clients reach their goals.

Using the Strategies found in our Short 204-Page Book, I turned my career into eight figures, right along with the success of my clients.

When I shifted away from the traditional methods, my business grew with my clients.

My satisfaction grew as well.

It changed the way my team and I talked with our customers. It just brought so much more to the table. It opened new avenues to clients that they did not believe they had. I saw people’s eyes light up. They were finding hope in situations they were not especially comfortable in.

Every aspect of my business improved by changing to the QSI™ mindset.

QSI makes enough money that we all win. It’s the only way I do business.

We also use this marketing approach because it allows us to reach a lot of business people. QSI is not one of those “only for rich or smart guys” strategies. If their head is screwed on straight, virtually any serious business person can do this. We love “rags to riches” stories. I am one myself. You don’t have to be the “next Bill Gates” to win at this.

Take this little chance. Be open to an opportunity and change. Learn a bit more. We will take all the financial risk to teach you.

What you learn might change the way you do business. And I know it can multiply your rewards.

Be well(thy),

Chad Peterson

PS: I’m serious about this one. 

Whatever products you buy on this site have a fully refundable, 365-day guarantee. If you think they suck, did not deliver on the promises of this letter, or are things you will never use, just ask me for your money back, and I will promptly return it.

I will go even further …  If you do not think this is one of the most impactful business books you have ever read, I want you to ask for a refund. If that’s the case, from my view, I did not earn your money and insist that you hold me to task and that I give it back. I am that confident in its value.

Thank you for your time. Now order the book right away.

The QSI™ Shift - Chad Peterson

Get The QSI Shift™ Book + All 4 Valuable Bonuses for

Just $4.99

Get Everything Above Today for

Just $4.99

You’ll receive The QSI™ Shift digital book, the 5.5 hour audiobook, a MOBI file for your e-reader or tablet, and all of the included bonuses.


No. Ask any one who runs a real business and they will tell you it is not fast or easy. The fact that traditional entrepreneurship is so hard and takes so long, is one of the reasons we were really excited to see that QSI can speed up the process and improve your chances of success.

Never judge a book by its price! We want to put this book in the hands of as many business people as possible to show them this amazing alternative. We don’t want anything to stop you from learning about it. So we made the price ridiculously low. The book teaches you all about QSI, but we know that some percentage of people who read the book will seek out our other services—things we have been doing for over 20 years to generate wealth for business owners.

It really is. Often people are skeptical at first, but then we see a lightbulb moment. When that happens people are typically amazed. We have some really experienced and knowledgeable people on our team and they routinely say, “I have never seen anything like this!”

Well, that is trick question. If you are a business owner, you know that range is incredibly wide. So we won’t answer directly, but what we will say is that the whole intent of QSI is to multiply returns. QSI modeling can be done a number of ways and based on a number of things (you learn in the book), so it can vary. We will say this: even the most modest QSI models show increasing your results 5X when using QSI compared to the same assumptions / situations, but NOT using QSI (or doing things the typical way.) And that number is not a cap—more is very possible. There is too much opportunity to not know how it works and how it is an option.

We do! Chad discovered it because he did it and it worked. Then he did it again. Then he helped clients to it. Over time, our model has shifted more and more to doing QSI. No, we are not stuffed shirt academics talking about theories. We have and do live this stuff!

The book has 6 different assessments that will help you gauge if Quantum Stack Investing is right for you. And while the book is short (204 pages) and a quick read (5.5 hours run time on the audiobook), it is packed full of information. As you study it, you will certainly sense if you are being pulled towards it or not. Even if not, the business lessons are invaluable.

A few, but not too many. We discuss them in the book. If you have a business that is reasonably successful, then QSI is likely an excellent candidate. QSI is best at taking a good business and making it great. If it is bad business, QSI will motivate you to make it a better one—and show you a path. There are significant rewards to making it work.

The book and related materials have a 365-day, money-back guarantee. We have an extremely successful business and are not peddling junk here. We are way too busy for that. We want to expose a large number of people to QSI and work with those who find it fascinating. If you aren’t happy, we don’t want your money—because we didn’t earn it.