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My name is Curt Clinkinbeard, co-author of the Quantum Stack Investing™ and The QSI Shift books. I’m also Chad Peterson’s COO and business partner; our company has been ranked as the #1 business broker in the country.

(Here is a picture of me and my kiddos a few years ago on a cave hike!) 

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Simply put, QSI is an alternate approach to building wealth through owning closely held      companies. Historically, this has been a strong wealth-builder. Quantum Stack Investing™, however, turns the concept on its head, multiplies returns, and decreases the key risks (and headaches) common to typical entrepreneurial approaches.

  • Need to multiply your income and wealth returns?
  • Want to become a better prepared (and, ultimately, more wealthy) buyer of a company?
  • Wish to exit your current business sooner – and for more money in the end?
  • Are you a passive investor who wishes to learn about QSI?
  • Want to enjoy your career more & reduce the feeling of being “stuck?”
  • Interested in reducing key risks in business, while increasing rewards?

Please take a listen to this quick video.

QSI does some amazing things. On the surface, it is a really simple shift. In fact, in this intro workshop, you will learn about the approach, including a one sentence explanation. But the concept goes a lot deeper, as will the presentation.

Join me for one of my FREE Tuesday morning meetings (10:00 am CST) to learn more.

In addition to introducing the concept and showing next steps, I will reserve some time for Q&A at the end from participants. Get your questions answered about QSI!

Here is what some of our clients have to say:

Martin - QSI Intro

I was interested to look at Chad’s materials. But as a CPA of 20 years and having been a Corporate Controller in a $400M company and Director of Financial Planning & Analysis for a $750 million dollar company, I figured I was going to see a lot of the same stuff I had already seen on my multiple times around the block.

Boy was I pleasantly surprised! Not only did I see strategies that were completely unique and innovative, but they were presented in a powerful way that any normal business person could grasp and put to use. Chad and his team are on to something here. I know I can learn quite a bit from these guys. I’m looking forward to the journey!” – Martin, Dallas, TX

Jake - QSI Intro

“There are so many “gurus” pitching business books it makes my head hurt! Luckily, I read Chad’s because I knew him previously from two extremely profitable business deals. I genuinely feel sorry for any business person who passes up on learning about QSI. This is the type of book that won’t let you sleep. The possibilities are so good & unique, they make you sit up a little straighter—no, a LOT straighter—& say, “Let’s do this!” – Jake, MBA, Kansas

Jim - QSI Intro

“I have read the QSI book several times now and each time I learn something different. I have successfully owned 7 businesses in my career, and my only regret is that I did not learn about QSI 20 years ago!” – Jim, Minnesota

Bob - QSI Intro

“Chad helped me do QSI long before it even had a name. My career path has been positively altered by this distinctive & lucrative mindset; honestly, it redefined my life! I was a fighter pilot, am fluent in four languages, college-educated, and a vice president at an international company. Even with all of that, before Chad, nobody had ever shown me these wealth building secrets.”        – Bob, Missouri


“As a businessman with doctorate in hypnotherapy, I know a lot about how the mind works. So do the Peterson business & wealth philosophies, including, and especially, Quantum Stack Investing. The wisdom found in this book is simply brilliant.” – Dr. Ken, PhD, Kansas


The dream of retirement was what I sought my entire working career. QSI taught me it’s more about keeping your passion alive & continuing to thrive even after the age of retirement. I’m having more fun than ever!” – Dave, Missouri

These are all pretty smart and accomplished people. We believe you will be drawn to the benefits of our programs, just as they were. It’s easily worth the time investment to learn more.

Again, this is a completely FREE session. You learn about QSI and if you want to learn more, we will show you the way. You have an opportunity to hear directly from one of the authors of the QSI book about why he (and our whole team!) is so excited about it .

If you don’t share the excitement, you will not be under any obligations. You will have invested a little time. If it’s not for you…. No harm, no foul!  

There is a meaty list of reasons why
you should look into this.

Here are just a few:

  • Our QSI method revolutionizes wealth building for closely held business owners – we believe people simply must spend a few minutes to learn about his counter method.
  • QSI can increase the returns of owning a closely held business… A LOT! For the hard work, risk, and investment, you simply must know about how this minor shift that changes the game.
  • As the country’s #1 business broker, we know why people sell their companies. (It is different than you think!) QSI addresses the primary, underlying problems business owners have with their companies.
  • Reducing risk is typically NOT characteristic of a strategy that increases returns. Believe it or not, Quantum Stack Investing™ does just that!
  • QSI works for an early stage entrepreneur, as well as a more established one. Whether your timeline is decades or you are nearing the end of your business ownership career, it is valuable to learn about this approach.

It’s so easy. Just join us for one of our Thursday meetings. Click on the link below to secure your free ticket.

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