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On the surface, QSI is simple: Sell one business and use the proceeds to purchase a next, larger business—or the NLB. While it is this easy, it becomes more complex as you get into the details.

Our products and services range from inexpensive educational products and services—all the way up to partnering with you to do QSI. We have systems that make this safer and more profitable than going it alone.

Improve Planning and Modeling

QSI gives us something that most business strategies do not: the ability to develop highly predictive plans and mathematical models to look at what QSI may look like for your situation.

Our educational products show you how to do this yourself. But for many, having us do the modeling for you, help with planning, or review your work to oversee, contribute, and guide is super valuable.

Become a Smart Seller

We’ve been helping people sell businesses for two decades. We offer traditional brokerage services—and we are damn good at it. This includes being recognized by several publications as the #1 business broker in the country.

However, we do more than just traditional brokerage services. In addition to training, we can work directly with you to build more value into your company (increase the sales price) for your eventual sale—and help you plan to maximize this, including weighing options and if QSI could impact intelligent exit timing.

Become a Smart Buyer

If you want to buy a business, we can help. Not only from our traditional brokerage services, but also from training, paid “business finder” searches, deal reviews, buyer coaching, and more.

If you are considering buying a business and have not learned about QSI, you may reduce risks, save years, and generate massively more wealth by learning about it. Hands down: QSI outperforms traditional methods.

QSI Management is Different

QSI shakes standard business management up a bit. If you knew you would have a shorter hold period and sell after owning only three to five years, you would do things differently.

It impacts the way you buy, sell, and manage the business. You can accomplish much to multiply your results during the hold period. Let us help and guide you through the most intelligent and safest approach to your QSI stacking.

Here’s What to Expect When You Work with Me and My team as a Peterson Client:

More Income and Wealth

You can expect our work will transform the wealth and income opportunities you derive from your business. It’s a significant promise, but we are big thinkers and always strive to over-deliver.

A More Comprehensive View

Our solutions work with significant, “big picture” issues for closely-held business owners. We see the path clearly and will help sharpen your focus on things that matter most.

Custom Tailored Services

People are at different stages of the path. You could be just starting out or already be a massive success. Our solutions cater to both—and everyone in between when it comes to buying or selling companies.

Teaching Approach

Over 80% of the people who approach us are first-time buyers or sellers. That means to be great at what we do, we had to become highly adept teachers. We will show you the way.

Affordable in Relation to Outcomes

While our products start as inexpensively as five dollars, the more expensive services can move some real dollars our way. However, this only happens if we successfully create extraordinary financial value—and gains—for you in a big-time way.

Entrepreneurial Solutions

We are not stuffed shirt brokers. We are business owners and designed our approaches to help people like us. People with the fortitude to dig into work and the guts to act. You will find we are like you.

No Bullshit

We will shoot you straight. We won’t sell you something you don’t need. We only make big promises when we know we can back them up. We don’t play around.

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How Much Does it Cost to Work with You?

We have products and services that range from $5 to $50,000—and even more. We actually have sixty-five different products & services. Our goal is to find which ones best meet your current needs. We will not try to sell you something you do not need or cannot afford. The only way our business works is to guide you to earn much more! The proposed phone call is about the only way we can tailor our offering specifically for you.

Who are Your Best Clients?

We help people with the process of buying and selling closely-held companies. If you ever plan to do this, we need to talk. Frankly, the earlier in the process, the better! Quantum Stack Investing™ changes the rules for business owners, buyers, and sellers. Even if you do not end up implementing QSI, it would be a shame if you did not know of the option—and the incredible support we provide around it. If you see yourself buying or selling a business at any point in the future, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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