GROUP COACHING - Monthly Payment



Chad Peterson and his team of expert coaches and consultants can help you navigate through the process of buying a company through group coaching, selling a company, or implementing the QSI™ management system.

For Business Buyers, we have both our “BuyPrep™” and “DFinderMAX™” programs, which range from straightforward training sessions combined with coaching calls, all the way through a complicated, and detailed “deal finder” search system to find you the specific company you seek. All within the guidance of the systems created by Chad Peterson and his team.

For Business Sellers, our “SellPrep™” and “QSI™ Seller” programs, help you plan and execute the perfect exit strategy, including having a plan for your next adventure.

Our support services are cost-effective and targeted at an extremely high return on investment for our clients. Book your group coaching today.


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