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We refer to this as the “Big Book” on Quantum Stack Investing™. Consider this the “User Manual” to understand the deeper mechanics of the QSI Approach.

Simply, QSI suggests you sell a business and use the proceeds to purchase a larger business. Yes, the system can be explained in a simple sentence, but the principles behind the system are important for a business owner going down this path.


Quantum Stack Investing Book details the QSI system, how it originated, the benefits of the system, and very specifically, how to put the power of the system to your benefit. The system relies on important principles, including math, current bank lending practices, current M&A practices, and the current U.S.A. Tax codes, all of which are detailed in the system.

The book also has specific chapters dedicated to becoming a “Smart Buyer” and a “Smart Seller” in a business. Even if you do not plan to implement the QSI system, the detailed “how to’s” are excellent, practical guides to the process of buying or selling a closely held company. (Frankly, we cannot even fathom buying or selling a business without reading this guide.)

Quantum Stack Investing book covers the following topics:

  • How to find the right business to purchase
  • How to estimate the practical price of a business – and how to avoid selling for too little, or buying for too much
  • How to use QSI to 6X the income and wealth of your company and approach to investing in small business ownership
  • Documents required in the process of selling a business – and how to navigate the Due Diligence process with greater ease
  • How to add value to your company to maximize both the sales price – and the value received by your buyer
  • How to take the rules the banks use to make obscene money – and turn them in your favor
  • The benefits of a business broker, and how to hold yours accountable
  • The differences – and benefits – to taking an “investor” approach to own a business, compared to being an “entrepreneur”
  • A simple step that will make business broker work 10X harder for you when buying a business
  • How to navigate the “deal killers” associated with buying or selling a business – this is especially valuable for novice business buyer or sellers (which most are)
  • How to use QSI to reduce or even eliminate taxes when purchasing a business
  • How a current US Tax code law (which expires in 2027) makes QSI so much easier
  • How QSI greatly reduces risk of owning a closely held business
  • How to structure bank debt – and now to qualify for it – in implementing the QSI system
  • How QSI changes the way you view managing your company – and dozens of practical tips on QSI management


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