AIBizValu™ Business Pricing Analysis & Improvements Report



Do you know the value of your company?

For many, the answer is no. 

They may have heard about rule of thumb valuations approaches. Or they may have heard that a professional business valuator can look at the business, consider dozens of different approaches, and come up with a range of values. (And for a price tag which usually approaches over $10,000 USD.)

Would you like an extremely accurate “middle ground” approach?

This is exactly what we provide.

This program incorporates two EXTREMELY important points of view: The first is the views of top business brokers. The perspective here is not out of theory, but rather, seeking to identify the most probable price the business will command in the market.

The second is, very importantly, the views of the bank. Why is this important? Because 95+% of closely held business transactions include the buyer using some form of bank debt financing, and often the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Over the course of decades, both the banks and the SBA have some very well-established rules about “debt service coverage ratios.” What this means is that how much cashflow the business can generate dictates how much a bank will be willing to loan on a business purchase. Ultimately, this means that these banking rules have a huge impact on what a business can actually sell for.

Not knowing the value of your business is not wise or acceptable.

In the past, few strong opportunities existed for a business to quickly, and inexpensively approximate the value of their business.

This “Artificial Intelligence” or AI approach solves that dilemma. For an extremely small cost, you can learn the value of your company.

This report uses a “wizard” approach to collecting information about your business, including the financial performance of the company. From these inputs, we will help you calculate “Seller’s Discretionary Earnings” which is also called SDE or Owner’s Cashflow. The tool also guides you through calculating the Valuation Multiple most appropriate for your business. With the Cashflow number and the multiple, we can provide an estimated value of your company.

But we do not stop there.

With the information provided, not only can we calculate the probable value of the business with a high level of accuracy, but we can also provide you with suggestions for how to improve the value of the business going forward.

The report produced from this valuable business tool exceeds 20 pages with over 40 suggestions–specific to your business–per report.

Anticipate spending between about 30 minutes to one hour inputting data into our financial wizard. This information is largely found on your income taxes and financial statements. We suggest having a copy of your most recent business income tax report and the corresponding income statement.

Stop operating in the dark! Order a copy of your AIBizValue™ Pricing Analysis and Improvements Report today! 

If you have every asked yourself “What is my company worth?” you can now answer that question accurately and affordably.

Upon purchase, you will be sent an email with login instructions to access the AIBizValu™ wizard and report generating tool.

NOTE: This product is in our BETA stage for $99. This means you will save today compared to the future cost of this product, but some of the automations in the delivery of the report may require input from our team. Your patience as we test these automations is greatly appreciated! 



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