No Money Down Deals
Destined to Fail

If the buyer doesn’t have any money, that tells you something yes? It tells me that the guy doesn’t have success before this transaction. Why would he have success now? Not to mention, why would a seller of a business sell his business and be the bank for the buyer, when the buyer doesn’t have the money (or past success) to show the ability to pay? Skills are often shown by how much money someone has in their account. If you don’t have much money in your account, you need to work on your skills.

Being a business owner requires more than just the skill of the business.

If you make a great cheeseburger, it does not mean that you are going to be a good business owner that makes and sells cheeseburgers. Banks have methods in vetting potential buyers. The first gauntlet is money, how much cash does the borrower have? They look at the assets the borrower has, they look at the resume of the borrower. They look at the assets of the business that the buyer wants to buy. You see, the bank isn’t going to lend to someone who doesn’t look like they can run the business and pay the note.

Why don’t the New York Yankees bring me on their team?

I can tell you I can hit a ball with a bat, but I am not fit to be in the pros. I cannot do what those guys do. Maybe I could, for 10 minutes, but I cant hit the ball out of the park, I cant show a track record of doing it, and let’s say I did talk my way onto the Yankees roster; I am bound to fail at the bat when they put me to task. The same goes for the hopeful no money down buyer for a business. He has not shown the track record, he can’t play in the pros, and the proof of him not having cash or assets to go to a bank is solid proof of him not having what it takes to run a business.

The peddlers of this misinformation are selling how to get rich without having skills. If you want to have a business, you have to have business skills. To teach someone who doesn’t have the skills in the industry, the management, the money, or the assets to pledge for a sale is not only a gimmick that only helps the guy selling the information, but it’s also making money on the boulevard of broken dreams. People are buying these programs by the 1000s for a low-price tag, only to realize that they can’t play for the Yankees, they can’t hit the ball like the information guy can. They had $100, but they don’t have the million-dollar skills.

Let’s say the seller needs out, the business is failing and he has a buyer who is hungry, this can happen. Yet, the business is failing. So, the seller is going to sell to someone that doesn’t know the business, yet is skilled enough to save the business from going under? It sounds wonderful, are you betting on this guy yourself? How much money do you have on it? You see, that’s the bank’s question, yes? How much money are you willing to pledge for us to lend you the money on this business?

In these get-rich-fast, own-your-own businesses with no money down programs, you will find 1 person who does well out of 1000. By the time the guy selling the information has made $100 off of 1000 people, he has made $100,000 before one person finds a business and becomes the new owner, with having no money to do so. 999 people will invest in these programs because it all sounds nice and easy. Again, I am an absolute pro and I would not take this 1/10 of 1 percent chance approach. I would go broke if I went about buying businesses this way. Not to mention, the team I mentioned I have in place, they would not stick around for this low-hanging fruit of an endeavor. They have too much integrity and class for a boulevard of broken dreams.

My team and I, we sleep well at night.

We are a group that knows what we are doing, and I’ll be damned if I am going to present information that is misleading. I would not put my son on a professional football team without the size and experience to be able to survive. I would not put my son on a plane with a student pilot either. Quantum Stack Investing requires not only money but a business that you already operate. If you don’t have one yet, no problem, you can buy a business to get Quantum Stack Investing to work for you. This is not a get-rich tactic. It is knowing how to use money and debt to literally multiply your earnings by 15 times what you would make if you only owned and operated that one business long term.

Do not get enchanted by the no money down tricks, don’t get enchanted by the easy paths. They simply don’t work

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