I own a business

Congratulations on being a business owner.

Studies say that over 95% of the population in the US say they want to own a business, but only 5% actually do. You are one of the few who put their desire into motion. You backed your words with action and took the leap. Thus, you wrote the check. You embraced the risk. We admire you for that.

I don’t have to tell you this, but owning a business has its challenges. Some days it’s fun and exhilarating. Other days it just plain sucks. Whatever reward you are getting for your business, or will get in the future, you fully deserve it. In fact, you probably deserve a hell of a lot more than you are getting or will get.

This site is designed to help people like you. (Note: we teach from the perspective of business owners, not “experts.” We know these things because we have lived them too. Our materials are NOT written from the “ivory tower,” but from the “trenches.”)

I own a business - Chad Peterson

We help people earn more income + wealth from their companies, while reducing risk and increasing passion.

If you own a business, the only truly successful exit is to eventually sell it.

But we find something interesting. Consider all the knowledge you have about running your business. It is vast. This includes knowledge of your products & markets. It likely includes courses taken on business topics as varied as leadership, team development, marketing, accounting, finance, HR, and operations. There’s so much to learn in the last sentence that people can even earn specialized bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees or even PhD’s on the subjects. Then, importantly, you have all the live learning interactions & experiences: insightful conversations with mentors, bruised ego interactions with challenging customers, bloody lips from fending off crooks trying to take advantage of your business, and probably a few lessons learned when “writing a check” or even appearing in a court of law (or related threats).

Our point is this: you know an incredible amount about your business. It’s a “mountain” worth of knowledge.

You know a lot about running your business.

Then, we ask how much you know about selling your business. In our experience, business owners know a mountain of information about their business, but when it comes to selling your business, typically, you know more like a “mole hill.”  For most, in relation to the knowledge you have accumulated to operate your company, the knowledge you possess to sell it – and to capitalize on all that work – is lacking.

For most, they know this. (Even if they hate to admit it.) Deep in their hearts, they know they don’t know enough about exiting their business, or what it might be worth, or what actions they can take to impact this, or how to put the process in motion. They may read an article here or there, but the demands of operating the business often pulls them away from getting too deep into the topic.

For others (thankfully the minority), they believe; because they know how to run their company, and because they know how to sell, this means they know how to sell their business.  It’s a confidence which usually crosses the line into arrogance. And it can cost you a lot of money.

Knowledge of Your Business + Selling Skills ≠ You Know How to Sell Your Business

A successful exit can make or break a career. It certainly is the desired exclamation point on the end of a long sentence! It is the culmination of years, often decades, of hard work, sacrifice, investment, and stress. Not only does this impact what you get from your past efforts, but it sets the stage for the next chapter: life after your business.

It’s more important than to leave selling it to chance or approaching the process with less information than you should. If you are uneducated, you also run the risk of being taken advantage of and suffering the consequences of a bad business broker. None of this must happen. Put a portion of the energy into selling your business, as you put into running it, and you will be much better off.

If you want to learn about the process of selling your business at exit, you have come to the right place. We have a program called SellPrep™ which guides you through the process of selling your business, how to determine how much you might expect to get from your business, and how to grow its value to position the business for the strongest exit.

You know a lot about running your business.

We have several courses you should check out for this.

We have a group and individual coaching programs to support massive success in selling your business. We also have a sister company which is a business brokerage, Peterson Acquisitions. Therefore, we can sell your business the right way. We are confident we can guide you through those processes better than any other company in the industry. Your research has brought you to the right resource.

QSI takes it deeper.

Chad Peterson (and his other two authors of QSI) have a combined experience of nearly 100 years in owning businesses, selling businesses, consulting with business, and making business loans. They have witnessed a lot of things. And along the way; they have come across some very interesting methods of creating wealth.

Perhaps none more interesting than a collection of strategies, applied using market and lending conditions from today, along with some unique M&A and business management practices, which come together to change the trajectory of a business owner and their financial results more dramatically than any other method we have ever seen.  

It is called “Quantum Stack Investing™” or QSI. While there are complex strategies to make it work, however, to maximize results and minimize risk, it can be boiled down to one easy sentence.

Quantum Stack Investing Book - QSI

QSI = Sell one business and use the proceeds as leverage to buy a larger one.

Sounds easy right? Well, it’s not exactly that easy.

For some, they are all in. They say, “teach me what I need to know.”

For others they say, “I don’t like the business I am in, why would I buy a bigger one?”

We get this too. Running a business can be tough, especially if you employ the strategy used by most business owners. We call this the “buy and hold” method of business ownership. It is basically the opposite of QSI, but the one almost all business owners choose.

(Note: “Buy and Hold” is, in fact, a very smart strategy for owning publicly traded stocks, especially for novice financial investors. But generating wealth from a closely held business is different than owning stocks in multinational conglomerate corporations. Right!? Perhaps is this part of the problem? It is, and QSI explains how.)

What QSI is NOT:

  • A Get Rich Quick Scheme – but it can speed up your process to success compared to the “buy and sell” approach (see below)

  • “Flipping” a Business – that strategy would more correctly be called a “turnaround” strategy, and is actually NOT what we suggest in QSI – we seek something else

  • Pushing the Limits of Banking Rules – No, we use traditional lending approaches and banking best practices (one of the authors has built SBA Divisions in some of the largest banks in the market)


  • A “No Money Down” Deal – No, if you can find a needle in the haystack, unless you are a highly skilled businessperson (i.e.: you have already bought and sold companies before), we suggest you run away from it quickly (beware of this scheme; it could be disastrous in the hands of novices)


  • A Riskier Approach – Owning a closely held business has risk to it, we feel QSI, in fact, reduces that risk


  • A “Ball and Chain” Keeping You Prisoner to Your Business – it allows for a faster exit from your current business, and a way to move forward quickly in your next business – in fact, our goal is to rekindle your passion and keep your “fire” alive and burning


OK, what is QSI really?

The materials on this website all contribute to it. And while anyone can learn it, we do suggest getting down into the weeds and learning the specifics.

The framework around QSI focuses on the following:

So, QSI sounds more complicated than a single sentence, doesn’t it?

Yes, it is. But it is not so complicated where the average person cannot learn it. The average person can learn QSI, even if they do not have a business background. One of the things we like about QSI is it is a system. There are specific sets of instructions.

Most business knowledge is taught as general theory. You can read 100 books on business strategy or marketing. But do they give you specific instructions? Not really. Usually, it is a lot of ideas, sometime even contradictory. It is up to you to boil the theory down and put it into a practice in your business.  

QSI really focuses on practical implementation. You will be hard pressed to find a business system which provides as clear instruction. When you focus in on QSI strategies, you have a clarity just not found in the course of normal business ownership. It allows you to narrow the focus.

You can learn all about the QSI system, including all the framework items above in our QSI GUIDEBOOK, we also call it our “big book.” Because we cover a lot of ground, it is larger book with more pages. It is very readable, but honestly, we wish it were shorter (we do have a few other books which explain it in less detail.) Frankly, the QSI “big book” is really three books rolled into one.

But the whole system can be learned by reading our QSI Book. Click here for more details.

We also offer a lot more support than just “read the book.” There are additional learning resources, document templates, and coaching / consulting which can help you implement the QSI system.

There are a lot of reasons to look into QSI.

The line of benefits is pretty long. We gave some overviews above but digging deeper is exciting. What can QSI do?


our standard model shows income and wealth growth at five times (after 10 year) by employing QSI instead of the traditional (buy and hold) models. Other models show even greater returns.

(NOTE: we are forced to talk in terms of models. The SEC is pretty specific about not making income and wealth claims in advertisements. So, we must do this within the confines of the law. We can teach you about systems. And we can discuss modeling. But do understand that financial models all rely on assumptions. The reader will need to look at these models and the assumptions behind them to determine the applicability to their specific situation and the parameters at that point in time. QSI is an investment concept, and that means there is a risk of loss. This is true of owning any closely held business, regardless of management method. All investors must be informed investors and make their own decisions.)


In one of our models, QSI accomplishes in five years what takes 23 years in traditional (buy and hold) entrepreneurship to match. WHOA! THINK ABOUT THAT! Talk about the potential to save years of your life. This is one model, there are others where we reduce the speed of QSI growth, and others where we speed it up. (It can, and must be, customized to your specific situation.)

Reduce Taxes

Learn how some approaches to QSI can greatly reduce or even eliminate the net tax impact of selling your current business.

Growth Addiction

Learn how reduce the current reliance (dependence) in the business world of rapid, constant growth. QSI earns equity faster because it relies on something other than massive growth. (Our models assume a more steady, stabilized approach.) The toxic focus of today’s business climate on never-ending growth is risky and is part of what runs entrepreneurs into the ground.


Rekindle the enjoyment you have for your career – You may be craving a change of scenery but feel trapped in your current business. You may say things like, “If I can just hold on for five more years,” or “I know the big result is just around the corner,” but what those statements say is you do not like where you are. Sometimes you have to be brutally honest with yourself. You mind is telling you there must be a better alternative. We think QSI is.

Banking Rules

For most business owners, they feel the rules of the bank are set up to make the bank lots of money and to make your life miserable. It often feels like going to the casino, where the house is “set up to win.” This is understandable, but if you know these rules, and the current approaches lenders use to make money, and put those concepts to work in your favor, you can increase your wealth.


Many business owners are just fried. Some authors, business coaches, and therapists have even characterized this as “similar to PTSD,” but for business owners. (Not to minimize the unbelievable bravery and sacrifice of our military heroes. You all rock! If you are a veteran, hit us up and we will make sure to give you a discount. Thank you for your service!) There are ways to run your business which help reduce this burden of business ownership.

Government Subsidy

Are you aware that the U.S. government has programs to subsidize your wealth?!? They do. QSI really taps into two of them. One is permanent and has been around for decades. And the second one is part of a 2017 tax law, where the benefits expire in 2027. (The impacts are large and worth looking into.)

It is this and more. We know it is a big promise. Frankly, the more one digs into QSI, the more they realize it is a very different approach to business. And one which capitalizes on several advantages which “buy and hold” entrepreneurs just plain miss. (We have been hypnotized to the traditional methods over decades and decades of doing it the same way.)

We are glad you found this website. We don’t believe in accidents. And because you have read this far, we believe you are supposed to be here. And destined to learn about this system.

Our “big book” has a money back guarantee. So, we hope you will at least dig into the concept. Even if you are just looking to sell, exit and retire, knowing about the elements in QSI will make you a Smarter Seller today.

QSI - Quantum Stack Investing

We can help you in multiple ways.

This website, www.ChadPeterson.com has a number of resources on selling your business and the whole QSI system. Our sister company, www.PetersonAcquisitions.com is the #1 ranked business brokerage in the country (largely because we have been helping our clients with these learning concepts for nearly two decades). There we can sell your company for you. Lastly, if you love the concepts, but only wish to invest in them passively, for Accredited Investors, we have a private equity fund which invests in companies using the QSI methodology, but in a fund setting. (We also have a fund coming in the future for non-accredited investors.) Visit www.Peterson-Capital.com to learn more.