4 Paths to 8 Figures – QSI Modeling

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This program introduces us to four different business owners at different life stages and business success. The spreadsheet takes us through 12 different models around QSI.

The goal is that users learn more about how QSI stacking works by seeing the math behind multiple situations and scenarios. The models show how four “average” entrepreneurs develop pathways (mathematically) to 8 figure wealth. By studying the different scenarios–and the math behind them–the user learns intricacies of the concept that they cannot by only reading materials.

The course includes a single EXCEL spreadsheet, but with multiple tabs. There are a number of supporting videos which feature Curt Clinkinbeard, a co-author of The QSI Shift and Quantum Stack Investing.

Congratulations on purchasing this course. You will learn a tremendous amount!

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