QSI SuperBundle

Group Coaching - Chad Peterson

Tools, Tools, and More Tools! This course provides a tremendous number of tools to implement QSI. Knowledge is one thing; putting it in motion is another. These tools can be customized to help you put the power of QSI in place and complete your first (or tenth) stack!

Look Over My Shoulder

QSI™ Case Study - Chad Peterson

Learn about buying and selling a business by looking over the shoulder of Chad Peterson, the #1 broker in the US. This video program will take you through the process using a specific case study example.

4 Paths to 8 Figures – QSI Modeling

QSI™ Calculator - Chad Peterson

This program introduces us to four different business owners at different life stages and business success. The spreadsheet takes us through 12 different models around QSI. The goal is that users learn more about how QSI stacking works by seeing the math behind multiple situations and scenarios. The models show how four “average” entrepreneurs develop […]

The QSI Shift – Digital Book + Bonuses

The QSI™ Shift - Chad Peterson

This course includes the digital download of The QSI Shift book and a number of important bonuses, including the online Appendix for the physical book. (A physical copy of the book can be purchased separately on Amazon.com for those who prefer a hard copy. The link is here.) In addition to the Digital Copy of […]

Big Book – Quantum Stack Investing / QSI

QSI - Quantum Stack Investing

Purchase our “Big Book” on Quantum Stack Investing™ – Buy, Sell & Stack Your Business to Massive Wealth. You will get the electronic copy of this detailed textbook (over 400 pages long) for how to master the QSI concept. Includes a library of downloadable tools that reduces your time for implementation of this significant course. […]

Free Biz Sellers Kit

Are you interested in Selling Your Business? Download this FREE KIT to provide you with a significant amount of information including the steps to selling a business, how to calculate what your business might be worth, and how QSI may be an option for growing your wealth + income + return for the investment / […]