Coaching / Consulting

Don’t go it alone!

Chad Peterson and his team of expert coaches and consultants can help you navigate through the process of buying a company, selling a company, or implementing the QSI™ management system.

For Business Buyers, we have both our “BuyPrep™” and “DFinderMAX™” programs, which range from straightforward training sessions combined with coaching calls, all the way through a complicated, and detailed “deal finder” search system to find you the specific company you seek. All within the guidance of the systems created by Chad Peterson and his team.

For Business Sellers, our “SellPrep™” and “QSI™ Seller” programs, help you plan and execute the perfect exit strategy, including having a plan for your next adventure.

Given the significance of the exit, it makes sense to have expert guidance and a set of “fresh eyes” looking over your approach.

If you are implementing the QSI™ system, in addition to helping you buy and sell companies, we also can help you manage your company in a manner which maximizes the QSI™ principles. Given the significant growth in income / return projected, along with the significant decreases in time to exit and risk, the rewards are worth ensuring you do the processes right – right from the start.

Our support services are cost effective and targeted at an extremely high return on investment for our clients. Contact us today and we will have a representative schedule a call. Email us at:

Advantages of Coaching / Consulting

Save Time

Every business management strategy takes some time to master. Let us put our skills and training help you speed up your steps to success.

Save Money

Reduce your overall investment by being efficient with your implementation of these processes.


Let our experience make the journey more comfortable for you. We will guide you in manner that gets you what you want without and reducing the “trial and error” factor.

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