Business Speaker

Chad brings an extremely interesting perspective to business.
His roles include:

This unique experience makes him a captivating speaker and trainer. Chad has a “bigger than life” presence which draws people in.

Chad’s greatest expertise lies in fulfilling the mission statement of his business brokerage company, Peterson Acquisitions, which is:

We master the successful sale of small & medium sized companies.

Chad is fluent in discussing how to buy and sell closely held companies, as well as how to build value inside companies people already own. Nearly every business owner seeks to sell their business someday. And certainly the topic of how to make it more valuable is very appealing.

With his book, Quantum Stack Investing™, Chad provides a very simple twist to buying and selling a company, which is simply this: to sell a business and use the proceeds to purchase a larger one. Though simple on the surface, this concept not only teaches a transformed way to look at buying and selling companies, but also how to manage them.

The QSI™ strategy allows business owners to (A) multiply their returns, (B) reduce the time to exit, and (C) reduce risk. All three benefits are highly sought after. All tie directly to the participant’s income and wealth levels.

Which means Chad’s topics will be winners at your event. Chad has multiple presentations which can be delivered in keynotes or breakout workshops. With short or long presentation lengths.

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Life is Business.

Everyone has a story. Mine is something that is unbelievable. It’s amazing that I have been able to do as well as I have in life, considering what I was given.