About Chad


Experience in the banking industry dramatically changed the way Chad Peterson bought, sold, & managed his own businesses. This also helped him forge a completely non-traditional path for buying & selling companies for others, which has made him the #1 business broker in the country.

Life is Business

Everyone has a story. Mine is something that is unbelievable.

It’s amazing that I have been able to do as well as I have in life, considering what I was given.  

It was one hell of a childhood that I had to survive, and from that I found a way to thrive. As a result, I have a ton of confidence. I have found my passion in life. And I like who I am. No, it’s not ego – it’s driven by what I went through to get here. It is something of a “things that haven’t killed me, have only made me stronger” story. It forged me into the man I am today, and from that I view this world differently than most.

This website shares products and services of which created my wealth. The lessons taught are from the depths of my soul.

Given this, I think hearing more about me is beneficial. So, I share it with an open heart and thank you for caring enough to read it.

My dad was a fun guy; his charisma was off the charts with an infectious laugh and smile. While people really liked him; he really liked the bottle. I don’t mean he had two to three beers in the evening, I mean by the time he died of liver cirrhosis at forty-nine, he had sixteen DUI’s.  Well, I do miss my dad always wishing he had made better choices.

My Mom, still alive, was poor, uneducated, nervous, and volatile. She is on 8+ divorces (and still counting). She is a senior citizen and homeless. My brother, 5 years older than me is also homeless. I cannot help them; people must want to work and carve a life out for themselves. I don’t mean to be cruel, but she was not a productive part of my life. So, it means, by necessity, I’ve moved on.

Dad’s parents were drunks too. Full-blooded Indians off the “Black Foot” reservation. I guess the way I look probably has a little bit to do with my heritage.

Mom’s parents were interesting. Grandpa never worked a real job in his life. He was, however, a professional illegal card shark, and made his living as a “rounder,” His wife was a bartender. She was beautiful, sassy, and sharp as a tack. Guys who crossed her, wish they hadn’t! They weren’t quite Bonnie and Clyde, but in the ballpark.

By about age five, I was the most thought-driven member of my immediate family. Little did I know I was on my way to being the most driven and responsible. No silver spoon in my mouth. No sitting by the fire family time or laughing at the ballpark. My Mom and brother were violent, and I felt their wrath and anger; blame shifting and punishing me for their fears and failures in life.

I was tough and courageous. It also made me fiercely independent. I also learned how to keep myself safe & cared for, and how to negotiate through conflict. Having detached curiosity allowed me to learn how to act and react under immense pressure. I had a lot of practice and really had no other choice. Living in a mad house of conflict and strife taught me to have a cool head, work hard, take care of myself, and not rely on those around me. How could I?

I did receive good traits from each person in my family on both sides mother and father. And, I am truly grateful for this. Many before me were industrious people: businesspeople, prize fighters, gamblers, auctioneers, and pilots. I only have one divorce, which is enough for me. Also, I have an awesome son who was poisoned by my bitter ex-wife for many years. Yes, I gave a shot at reconciliation with her, but wow was that a mistake!

I have some great friends, business associates, and companions which suits me for now. I’m not a party animal, but not really the marrying type either. Some would probably call me a bachelor workaholic. My spirit calls me to work. I truly enjoy working.

What else is there to do? Sitting on a beach for a week or two is great, but the retirement commercials haven’t sold me yet; working is what keeps me happy, and I intend to do it the rest of my life until I am dead.

If I am working on the last day of my life, I would die a happy man.

I was smart in school, but it bored me

I was smart in school, but it bored me. My interest was in something else: making money. I loved it and could never get enough of it. Maybe that was from my mom’s parents. Hustling from the start and by necessity. Except I did it above board.

It started with mowing lawns. By the time I was 17, I had a hell of a business around town. And, I made more money than the teachers who were attempting to keep my attention. I was off in my own mind, building my own business, setting my own rules. By age 19, I had successfully sold that business. I liked that particular win. It set me up for a career in it.

I went to college for a bit, and wrestled collegiately, but was pulled towards flight school. I wanted to be a pilot and was intoxicated by the rush of flying. The feeling while flying was a massive adrenaline rush. I just loved it. The responsibility and the effort it took to learn, few can really do it. I liked knowing that.

I graduated the youngest person ever from the flight school I attended and started to fly commercial flights. Three months in, I was flying a charter into Orlando International, when some assholes decided to fly planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. As you might imagine, that was a landing I won’t forget. Some of the terrorists went to the same school I did. I knew who they were but didn’t know them well. Had I known they were going to fuck up my aviation career before it even got started, I would have sent them to see their maker a bit earlier and saved this country some trouble.

Since, I’ve started and sold six different businesses. It comes naturally to me. I outwork everyone in my market. I take care of those who put their trust in me. And, if someone tries to cross me, I hit back. There is too much “street fighter” in this kid.

I’ve been extremely successful, but also had to pick myself up by my bootstraps in business too. I had a very successful mortgage business (120 employees in 5 locations) in 2008. The market crashed and took every bit of it away. I was doing nearly 10 million a year and soon I found myself upside down by more than $2 million.

I fought back and honored all my obligations and did not declare bankruptcy. Probably a miracle, but it wasn’t my first or last. Like a phoenix, I rose from the ashes – and have prevailed

Through the years, I liked selling businesses, so I thought I would try it for myself.

Through the years, I liked selling businesses, so I thought I would try it for myself. One guy who sold one of my earlier businesses wasn’t the hardest worker, and I paid him way too much to do way too little. This was the one and only time I ever prepared a resume – that is when I went into every business brokerage office in Kansas City to apply for a job. Not one offer. Not even a “eat what you kill” commission opportunity.  Basically, they laughed in my face because I didn’t look or sound the part. I was an outlier written off by “the system” guys. Also, I didn’t look enough like Mr. Rogers to be part of their corporate club.

I had the last laugh, when I started selling businesses on my own, and dominated the local market. No one outsold me. No one outworked me. I did NOT do things the way other brokers did.

Only two types of hunters exist. One that is talking and yammering on in the lodge about how he was so close to getting that “big kill”, and the other type is the one in the thorns and poison ivy, going after it.

I was edgy when I needed to be and was relentless at driving deals to their completion. I did transactions the way an entrepreneur would. Also, I treated clients like a partner would, not as a cheesy sales rep. I would do whatever it took to get the job done. My style was different. I had zero respect for those I competed with. And, I still don’t. I have a deep dislike for the way most business brokerage’s function. (I call most of them “paycheck professionals” with very little idea of how to help Sellers effectively exit, and how to set Buyers up to win.)

My drive has never stopped. I get more driven as I age and I have observed this is quite opposite of most men.

I definitely keep odd hours: often working deep into the hours of the morning before stopping. “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.” Yeah! I am more likely to see a sunrise from the night before than I am after waking. I keep my house dark and cold. A good friend affectionately calls me “Vlad.” Working like hell, I keep a quiet and relaxed home and work on my business. Also, I’m not at the parties – focusing on my dreams, while others forsake theirs. I don’t “hang” or “chill” – just like to work. My social circle is made up of the same types of people.

Life is good

Life is good. I love my life, and recently I realized how much I loved my life.  Not too long ago, I had Covid and almost died. Frankly, I came out of it ready to take life on with a renewed passion. The fire is burning in me like never before. My diet is a bizarre cave man approach which keeps muscle on my frame, and energy levels through the roof. I have a cool companion (my Dog) and my son (now 20) lives with me. We are enjoying reconnecting after the years his mother took from us. We like to travel and snowboard. He too is self- employed. He’s also a non-conformist. I will continue to encourage that.

I work with fantastic people, and I have made plenty of money using my QSI concept to build my wealth. While I have plenty of money, I have even bigger plans! Covid reminded me that life is short and could be taken away from me at any time. I got another opportunity, and I am coming back to take on life with a new vigor.

I have written 3 books, the most powerful and life changing for people is QSI, Quantum Stack Investing. This book is unfucking believable and based on techniques I used to ratchet up my own wealth and have also used to multiply the results for other business owners in my brokerage firm. The teachings in my book I learned on my own, in my own ventures. My co-authors helped me find even more magic in the approach and have helped me bring this all to life. I am so proud of my team, and what that book teaches. Everyone wants to make a lot of money, but yet the real ways of how to do so are not taught or shared very often.

I have been very successful but realized I have been playing too small. Have you ever felt like that?  Like many, my past is fucked up, but I am grateful. Nothing lights me up more than working and living life to it’s fullest while lifting others up around me to do the same.  

Words that describe me:

I live in Kansas City but travel and live all over the world. I buy and sell businesses for a living- and I am really good at it. Also, I am forever driven and an unapologetic workaholic. I am a negotiator and a salesman. My wealth strategies are different, they are not taught in a single university in the world. My ideas and my teachings go a lot deeper than traditional advice that doesn’t work. I look forward to helping you become the hero of your life’s story.